Fragrance of the Week by NEXT*

I know this is late but you'll forgive me because it's amazing. 

About three weeks ago NEXT introduced a brand new collection of fragrances named London, Paris, New York and Milan which made me all excitable. These are available to purchase as an Eau de Parfum 50ml 100ml ,  a Candle , a Reed Diffuser  and a luxury Body Creme. 

Everyone has different scent preferences but my favourite is London. Next describes this scent as a fresh floral composition with citrus burst. With top notes of lychee citrus, heart notes of peony rose and base notes of musk and cedarwood that will evolve a sense of individuality and creativity. I would describe this scent as beautiful. If any of you have smelt the noble Chloe scent this one is unbelievably similar and only a fraction of the price at £12 for 100ml or £18 for a 200ml diffuser! 

On my skin this fragrance lasts around 4 hours which is good considering the price because you really do get what you pay for with perfumes. The bottles are made up of a good quality, simple, modern glass finish which can be closely compared to the style of Jo Malone. 

If you happen to be walking past NEXT one day definitely try these and let me know what you think! If you're not from the UK I know that NEXT delivers to 59 countries however the fragrance cannot be returned if you are not 100% satisfied with it.  

Love Bec x 

Work and Evening Wear (Autumn Range) courtesy of NEXT *

Hi Guys! I just thought that I'd share the new autumn range with you that I received from NEXT. My height is 5'3 and I'm normally a dress size 8. 

Crepe Dress in Berry £45*

This dress is available in Petite, Regular and Tall. I have the petite in size 8 and it fits me like a glove. I think this dress is multi-purpose too as i'd feel comfortable wearing this to work, an interview or even out to dinner. The dress also comes with a thin snake skin effect belt which I also love!

The material of the dress is made up of 63% Polyester,
32% Viscose, 5% Elastine. Lining 100% Polyester.

Butterfly Print Belted Jersey Dress £34*

This dress is available in Petite, Regular, Tall and additional sizes. I have the regular in a size 8. I don't understand how this dress can be so comfortable yet feel so flattering! I'm loving the berry and maroon colours also.

The material consists of 96% Viscose, 4% Elastine.

Skater Dress with Leather Detailing £38*

This is the perfect LBD for anyone looking for something that nips you in at the waist and fits you in all the right places! The quality of this dress is absolutely amazing, also, it doesn't crease! I feel I could dress this up for an evening or wear it more casually.

I have the petite in size 8.

Berry Waterfall Blazer £45*

This blazer comes in regular sizes. I wear a size 8.

This Blazer is beautifully tailored around the back, shoulders and falls in a perfect waterfall down the front. As you can probably tell i'm obsessed with this colour which is also why i'm so in love with it. The blazer is great to wear with jeans, dress or skirt depending on the occasion.

Cream, Berry and Maroon Floral Cardigan £25*

This cardigan comes in regular sizes. I wear size 6.
I feel very girly wearing this cardigan because of the pretty pattern. The material is so soft making this the perfect piece to see me into winter time (not that we've had a summer in the UK.)

Black Sheer Lace Vest £18* (Size 6)
Cream, Burgundy and Brown Pencil Skirt £35*
(Size 6)

This vest is so easy to pair with anything. I find it compliments this skirt well because of the contrasting patterns. The smaller sized skirt fits me perfectly around the middle, complimenting my waist with the belt detail.

Flocked Lace Pencil Dress £58*

This dress is available in Petite and Regular. This piece is absolutely stunning; it's made up of a nude body-con, topped with a sheer lace overlay. Even though the dress hugs the body, it still feels comfortable due to the slightly stretchy fabric. The velvet belt around the waist makes the dress flattering whilst the scooped back adds a touch of glamour.

Black Sole Survivor Wedge Heels £40* (Size 5)

As i'm so small I find it completely nessesary to wear heels as much as possible no matter how much they hurt! These are the most comfortable heels I've found as I'm able to move comfortably in them for around eight hours due to their unique sole!

A must have BUY HERE

Let me know if you want to know anything else about the clothes! Bec x

Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation: Review

I'm not sure why I didn't blog about this product first as it must be coming up to mine and Estee Lauder's 3 year anniversary soon. 

On a less embarrassing note, Estee Lauder's Double Wear stay in place foundation really does do what it says on the tin. It is described to be a worry free, long-wearing foundation make-up that stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity and non-stop activity. I wear this foundation everyday and can honestly say that the finish in the evening is almost as good as after the application- I think this is because the colour doesn't change, smudge or come off on clothes. 

The Packaging:

The outer packaging is made up of a royal blue whilst the bottle is constructed of frosted glass with a gold screw lid and logo. It looks and feels like a very luxurious product making it an excellent product to display on your dressing table! Another reason why I love the design of this product so much is because of the absence of the nasty pump top that causes so much waste! The product is sold in a 30ml size making the foundation appropriate to travel or to fit snugly in a make-up bag! 

The Shade Selection:

Another great thing about this foundation is the shade variety as each colour intensity level is available in cool, neutral and warm. Someone that is tested as a neutral tone like me (Ecru) will definitely benefit from this as trailing round a cheaper cosmetics shop finding cool and warm tones that are either too pink or too yellow isn't great fun! What makes Estee Lauder's shade selection even easier is the on-hand staff that are happy to colour match you at any point to find the perfect shade for you. You can even request a sample bottle in this shade if you are still not sure about the product. This sample will last around a week giving you plenty of time to figure out whether the colour, consistency and application meet your needs.  

The Formula:

The foundation is made up of a more creamy consistency than the traditional liquid formulation foundation. No other foundation, in my opinion, comes close to offering as much coverage as double wear therefore I cannot compare it to any other existing brand. The product is also embedded with SPF 10 which adds value to those living in warmer climits than the UK or those who are simply skin conscious. As the product is oil free it would be perfect for those with oily to combination skin, however, i think that those with dry skin should steer away from this as the foundation may cling to dryer areas and create a mess. Whilst applying this product, I experience a powdery scent however this neutralises after application so I don't find this an issue. 


This foundation will give you a high coverage, offering a luminous, matte finish that will last all day. To apply I use my Estee Lauder foundation brush applying the needed amount for each area, starting from the centre of my face then building up those darker areas or blemishes later to give a flawless finish. In my experience I find that I can only build up on the nessesary areas once as muiltiple occurrences will cause the foundation to cake and look unnatural.       


I love using this foundation, it gives me added confidence to my 'not so great' skin and makes me feel my best. From a person whose skin is extremely high maintenance, this product doesn't clog my skin, give me blemishes or completely dry me out. Despite this, if you hate foundations that have high coverage or that you can feel on your skin this may not appeal to you, however, mixing double wear with your favourite moisturiser may do or even trying out the Double Wear light!     


Considering the quality of the foundation I think it's amazing value for money for £27.50 from Boots. This will also give you an added 2,750 points on your boots advantage card (if you live in the UK). Others may think that this is a lot of money for a foundation but once tried, it really does live up to its description so I don't think i'll be discarding this anytime soon!  

Have you tried this?
Let me know what you think, Bec xx

Getting the perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows are indefinitely the focal point of the face. They determine the shape and structure of the face as well as creating a frame for our eyes making it crucial to get them right! 

If you are thinking of shaping your eyebrows for the first time, put down the tweezers as there is so much you need to consider. Firstly the shape of your face, as this corresponds to what style of brow is best for you. According to Damone Roberts 'The eyebrow king' a rounder face should have a higher arch to add length to the facial structure. A square shaped face should have rounder brows to soften facial features. An oval face can carry an eyebrow that is not too defined and not too round but right in between. Lastly a heart shaped face should have a straighter brow to lessen the length of the face.  

It's also important to be thoughtful about the interior shape of the eyebrows as over-plucking can make the face and nose appear wider and the eyes much smaller therefore less distinctive. Under plucking can also be an issue as stray hairs or a 'mono-brow' is never a good look!   

Remember that symmetry isn't too important. I believe that eyebrows should be sisters instead of twins. Each hair follicle grows in a different way so in most cases it can be impossible to create a set of identical brows so don't panic.  

I always start this process by washing my face with the Liz Earle 'cleanse and polish' face wash to remove any make-up making it clearer to see where the work needs to be done. I find that this step also makes the process of hair removal less painful as warm water opens pores. Next, I would ensure that I was sat in a room with plenty of natural light and had all the tools I need to finish the job, these being:
  • Mirror
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Tweezers (I find Tweezerman the best)
  • Wax Strips (If necessary)
  • Scissors (For wax strips)
  • Wipes

I find that using a flip-side magnifying mirror increases accuracy especially for those with lighter hair!

To begin I brush my eyebrows in an upwards direction to reveal the hairs that are going to be removed. To configure where each of my eyebrows should start i'd hold an eyebrow pencil vertically alongside my nose and lightly mark this area with the pencil and repeat on the other side. Next, I would line up the straight edge of the pencil from the outermost edge of my nose to the outermost edge of my iris (coloured ring). This point illustrates the peak of the arch and should also be marked with pencil and repeated on the other eye. Finally I would angle the pencil further so it is touching the edge of my nose and outer corner of my eye then mark and repeat. My advice would be to join the shaded areas of the brow creating a stencil of your desired shape to make hair removal easier. 

During the plucking or waxing stage find it important to constantly ensure that both brows are even in both length and thickness as some eyebrow hairs don't grow back! However, makes the process much faster the second time as only regrowth has to be removed as the shape has already been designed. After plucking it's always important to apply a deep moisturiser or vaseline to this area to prevent damage to the skin.

To add more depth and intensity to my eyebrows I often use a dark brown eyebrow pencil (Rimmel London) by applying wispy strokes to the barer patches and then blend with an eyebrow brush. I also love Benefits' speed brow gel to tint, tame and set my brows into my preferred shape. £12.00 John Lewis 
    speed brow  

Let me know if this helped you! 

P.s thankyou for being my model Ellie P! xx

Fragrance of the Week: Marc Jacobs DOT


As I'm a regular visitor the perfume counter at work I thought i'd share some of my 'expert' knowledge about the new Marc Jacobs fragrance DOT- my favourite fragrance this week. 

It's true that the bottle is absolutely adorable. I see hundreds of people a day being captivated towards the perfume counter to simply caress the bottle like a newborn child never mind to test it. The bottle is made up of a glass, deep red sphere with a coat of jet black dots. The asymmetric wings on the lid create a prelusive high-spirited, cheeky scent whilst the added gold features add a touch of style. I couldn't imagine this product to be any less enchanting anyway as it is a sister to Daisy and Lola! 

Marc Jacobs tells us that the fragrance combines berries; coconut water, jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla among other notes to create what is described as a charming scent. In simpler terms, I think that the fruit essence is more prominent within the first hour of wear however, after time, the base notes of orange blossom and jasmine are uncovered giving a floral sensation which is what I love about this perfume! I find the staying power to be great also as I can still smell the fragrance up to six hours after use.  

If you're a fan of stronger floral scents like me, I don't think you can go wrong with this, however, those who prefer fresher scents may find this a little to sweet and sickly. 

The perfume is available in 30ml (36.50), 50ml (46.50) and 100ml (62.50) from the Perfume Shop. 

Let me know what you think, Bec xx 

Benefits' High Beam V's Girl meets Pearl


I thought that I'd share my thoughts with you upon my two favourite highlighters from benefit. A skin highlighter can be used to add a luminous glow to a selected area of the face, most commonly the cheek bones or eyebrow bones which is perfect for summer!! Most highlighters today are powder based such as those produced by MAC, however, for me the liquid form is much more beneficial to my skin type. I think this is because I have quite dry skin therefore I stick to my Estée Lauder liquid formula foundation with little or no powder on top as mixing the two causes separation and a big clogged up mess on my face!  

The Benefit High-beam highlighter is bought in the form of a larger nail varnish as the screw lid reveals a small brush applicator which can be applied straight onto the skin making it very easy to use. This substance in particular is less of a liquid and more of a think cream which makes the highlighter much more dramatic. I feel that it is most sensible to wear this product in the evening time as daylight simply doesn't do it justice; this is because the product is at its prime under dim light or camera flash which allows the silver and pink undertones to work their magic! 

To apply this product I hold the applicator brush at the very top of my cheek bone and line it up with the pupil in my eye then place generous dots in a half moon shape finishing at my temple. If I had extra time I would sometimes apply a small amount down the bridge of my nose and underneath my brows. With clean hands I'd then use my ring finger to gently dab the product into my skin without rubbing. Alternatively, some people prefer to mix their highlighter in with their foundation and then apply however i'm not too keen on the all over glowing look as it can sometimes appear slightly greasy. On a night out I would always apply a pink toned blush before using this product as apposed to a bronzer. I've had this product for over a year now so it's great value for money at £18.50 for 30ml from John Lewis. 

After much experiment of the Girl Meets Pearl 'liquid pearl' I found that I prefer to use it during the day which is the opposite purpose to previous. I find that the gold or apricot undertones create a natural, beautiful bronzed look for during the day as its visabilty is increased in daylight. The formulation is slightly thinner to high-beam making it even more suited to this use as many people opt for a more natural look during this time. To apply, I place the necessary amount of product onto my hand and apply as previous. I would recommend using Benifits' 'gleaming face power' bronzer underneath as the colours compliment each other well!

Unlike high-beam, this product has been known to create flawless looks on all skin colours helping in to stand tall in a competitive market.Whilst the squeezy tube is cute, it isn't as easy to apply as Benifits' High-beam because like with any 'squeezy' cosmetics, it's hard to judge how much you're going to need meaning sometimes a lot of the product can be wasted. Despite this I feel that this product is excellent value for money. £24.50 for 12ml at John Lewis. 
Please let me know about any other highlighters you recommend :)

Becca xx


Urban Decay Palette review

I've just recently arrived back from France after a lovely holiday with my boyfriend and his family. On the flight back (as always) I could not resist the on-flight 'bible-like' magazine filled with duty free beauty products. I somehow managed to eliminate the Liz Earle cleanse and polish duo and the latest mascara must- haves to own Urban Decays latest dream for any eye-shadow fanatic, the Naked 2 Palette. 

After much trail and error with other branded eye shadows, I have now found that Urban Decay is simply unbeatable. This is due to their unique creamy consistency making them very easy to apply for all- even those who are less confident applying shadow. The brand also offers an impressive variety of colours available in shimmer, glitter and matte making them suitable for all occasion wear. This unique sense is reinforced by the witty names of each shade and creative packaging to make the product very fresh and appealing to a large age group. 

In previous years I have acquired various Urban Decay palettes, my first being the 'sustainable palette'. These ten shadows were created to work together in twos to create multiple looks for the more daring make up guru; however I found myself wearing mostly the neutral shades to build a smokey eye due to my fair hair and skin tones. Sadly I found that 50% of the eye shadows in this palette were unusable for my personal use because of the 'daring' colours and my hatred of glittery eyeshadows. Whilst applying 'Midnight cowboy rides again', 'Grifter', 'Oil stick', 'VZI' and 'Kiddie pool' glitter would fall down my face and settle into my foundation making it really hard to remove therefore creating an unnecessary mess. However the shadows I did use were extremely pigmented and of very good quality. I found that the outer packaging was very cute, perfect for someone that travels a lot as it is extremely compact! Despite this, the swivel lid ages quickly with use and tends to come loose. I received this set with a mini primer potion which is a god send for those days when you don't have time to re-apply make up as I find that my shadow can last up to 8 hours without smudging or creasing with the help of this serum. In addition I loved the travel sized brush! I found it worked best when defining the outer corners of my eyes. This palette can be bought from House of Fraser for £27!    

My next palette was the NYC limited edition palette. For me the packaging was a clear winner as the palette withholds a pop-up cut out of NY which I thought would be an amazing touch to my collection! Inside also consists of a large (ish) mirror, another primer potion and two eye-liners in black and purple. The purple may have came in handy at Halloween at some point however not for daily wear. I think it would of been more sensible to have exchanged this colour for a brown or grey personally but that's what makes this palette so unique!    

Inside I found that the colours were much more suited to me as the majority of shadows were made up of darker shades and neutral tones with few brighter colours; this palette also exposed the new matte variety shades which I found exciting! It is certain that the quality of the shadows had increased after using them just once as they can seamlessly blend into each other with a velvet like texture. However, although the packaging does look sleek, it's not great for traveling or to put in your handbag because of its large size which is a shame as I find the palettes to be of greater value as opposed to buying the shadows individually. This set is priced at £30 making each shadow less than £2, bargin!  

Now to the part where Urban Decay managed to hit the nail on the head. I had wanted a Naked palette since I managed to get my hands on my mums a while back! Both editions offer the most amazing colours to create beautiful, natural looks that can also be built upon for a more dramatic, smokey effects. I found that the brand have got the formula absolutely perfect now to prevent fall out or... sparkly cheeks! I'm simply in love with this palette as it is something I can continuously use each week and will hopefully last me a long time. I chose the Naked 2 palette simply because I'm paler skinned therefore advised that the tones of the second edition would work best with my complexion. Another reason to why I chose this set was because of the outer packaging, the new tin packaging makes the shadows less prone to cracking and is also easily wipe-able! The 2 palette also comes with a double ended brush perfect for blending, contouring and adding depth into your eyes. The brush is great quality, almost as good as what MAC can offer without breaking the bank! In addition the set also offers a lip plumping lip gloss which tingles, giving a sense that it is working. I found that when tested it is a darker than lip colour with a scent and taste of mint which is quite refreshing. For £36 from House of Fraser I think this is a fantastic deal as a gift or for personal use. 

Please let me know of any eye shadow palettes you recommend! 
Becca xx