Urban Decay Palette review

I've just recently arrived back from France after a lovely holiday with my boyfriend and his family. On the flight back (as always) I could not resist the on-flight 'bible-like' magazine filled with duty free beauty products. I somehow managed to eliminate the Liz Earle cleanse and polish duo and the latest mascara must- haves to own Urban Decays latest dream for any eye-shadow fanatic, the Naked 2 Palette. 

After much trail and error with other branded eye shadows, I have now found that Urban Decay is simply unbeatable. This is due to their unique creamy consistency making them very easy to apply for all- even those who are less confident applying shadow. The brand also offers an impressive variety of colours available in shimmer, glitter and matte making them suitable for all occasion wear. This unique sense is reinforced by the witty names of each shade and creative packaging to make the product very fresh and appealing to a large age group. 

In previous years I have acquired various Urban Decay palettes, my first being the 'sustainable palette'. These ten shadows were created to work together in twos to create multiple looks for the more daring make up guru; however I found myself wearing mostly the neutral shades to build a smokey eye due to my fair hair and skin tones. Sadly I found that 50% of the eye shadows in this palette were unusable for my personal use because of the 'daring' colours and my hatred of glittery eyeshadows. Whilst applying 'Midnight cowboy rides again', 'Grifter', 'Oil stick', 'VZI' and 'Kiddie pool' glitter would fall down my face and settle into my foundation making it really hard to remove therefore creating an unnecessary mess. However the shadows I did use were extremely pigmented and of very good quality. I found that the outer packaging was very cute, perfect for someone that travels a lot as it is extremely compact! Despite this, the swivel lid ages quickly with use and tends to come loose. I received this set with a mini primer potion which is a god send for those days when you don't have time to re-apply make up as I find that my shadow can last up to 8 hours without smudging or creasing with the help of this serum. In addition I loved the travel sized brush! I found it worked best when defining the outer corners of my eyes. This palette can be bought from House of Fraser for £27!    

My next palette was the NYC limited edition palette. For me the packaging was a clear winner as the palette withholds a pop-up cut out of NY which I thought would be an amazing touch to my collection! Inside also consists of a large (ish) mirror, another primer potion and two eye-liners in black and purple. The purple may have came in handy at Halloween at some point however not for daily wear. I think it would of been more sensible to have exchanged this colour for a brown or grey personally but that's what makes this palette so unique!    

Inside I found that the colours were much more suited to me as the majority of shadows were made up of darker shades and neutral tones with few brighter colours; this palette also exposed the new matte variety shades which I found exciting! It is certain that the quality of the shadows had increased after using them just once as they can seamlessly blend into each other with a velvet like texture. However, although the packaging does look sleek, it's not great for traveling or to put in your handbag because of its large size which is a shame as I find the palettes to be of greater value as opposed to buying the shadows individually. This set is priced at £30 making each shadow less than £2, bargin!  

Now to the part where Urban Decay managed to hit the nail on the head. I had wanted a Naked palette since I managed to get my hands on my mums a while back! Both editions offer the most amazing colours to create beautiful, natural looks that can also be built upon for a more dramatic, smokey effects. I found that the brand have got the formula absolutely perfect now to prevent fall out or... sparkly cheeks! I'm simply in love with this palette as it is something I can continuously use each week and will hopefully last me a long time. I chose the Naked 2 palette simply because I'm paler skinned therefore advised that the tones of the second edition would work best with my complexion. Another reason to why I chose this set was because of the outer packaging, the new tin packaging makes the shadows less prone to cracking and is also easily wipe-able! The 2 palette also comes with a double ended brush perfect for blending, contouring and adding depth into your eyes. The brush is great quality, almost as good as what MAC can offer without breaking the bank! In addition the set also offers a lip plumping lip gloss which tingles, giving a sense that it is working. I found that when tested it is a darker than lip colour with a scent and taste of mint which is quite refreshing. For £36 from House of Fraser I think this is a fantastic deal as a gift or for personal use. 

Please let me know of any eye shadow palettes you recommend! 
Becca xx



  1. The second palette is gorgeous! I love the colours of the eyeshadown and the design of the box is beautiful!! Want it:) I only have a palette from H&M...

    Hope you visit me on my blog

    1. Get it! I've tried so my eyeshadows but none seem to ever compare to these, you wont be disappointed I promise :) You have a new follower, keep in touch, bec x