Hi guys!

I just wanted to thank you all so much for the amazing entries from my latest giveaway! I was so amazed at the response I got and I'm happy to announce that Helen from Thelovecatsinc was randomly selected as my winner!

I'll be doing my next surprise giveaway when I reach 200 members so make sure you all enter!

In the meantime check out my new Facebook page HERE

Thanks again everyone, Bec xx


  1. lovely blog!
    let's follow each other :)
    visit my blog and tell me if you want to.
    also Join my ZARA BAG GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. I just got my email from NBN about you being the next blogger of the month, so I had to check you out ! you have a great blog and I following you now :-)

    xoxo Pakize

  3. Oh wish I had seen you giveaway earlier I def would have entered

    You should enter my jewellery giveaway though ;)

  4. congrats to the winner! :)
    wish you more success to your blog Rebecca <3