Benefits' High Beam V's Girl meets Pearl


I thought that I'd share my thoughts with you upon my two favourite highlighters from benefit. A skin highlighter can be used to add a luminous glow to a selected area of the face, most commonly the cheek bones or eyebrow bones which is perfect for summer!! Most highlighters today are powder based such as those produced by MAC, however, for me the liquid form is much more beneficial to my skin type. I think this is because I have quite dry skin therefore I stick to my Estée Lauder liquid formula foundation with little or no powder on top as mixing the two causes separation and a big clogged up mess on my face!  

The Benefit High-beam highlighter is bought in the form of a larger nail varnish as the screw lid reveals a small brush applicator which can be applied straight onto the skin making it very easy to use. This substance in particular is less of a liquid and more of a think cream which makes the highlighter much more dramatic. I feel that it is most sensible to wear this product in the evening time as daylight simply doesn't do it justice; this is because the product is at its prime under dim light or camera flash which allows the silver and pink undertones to work their magic! 

To apply this product I hold the applicator brush at the very top of my cheek bone and line it up with the pupil in my eye then place generous dots in a half moon shape finishing at my temple. If I had extra time I would sometimes apply a small amount down the bridge of my nose and underneath my brows. With clean hands I'd then use my ring finger to gently dab the product into my skin without rubbing. Alternatively, some people prefer to mix their highlighter in with their foundation and then apply however i'm not too keen on the all over glowing look as it can sometimes appear slightly greasy. On a night out I would always apply a pink toned blush before using this product as apposed to a bronzer. I've had this product for over a year now so it's great value for money at £18.50 for 30ml from John Lewis. 

After much experiment of the Girl Meets Pearl 'liquid pearl' I found that I prefer to use it during the day which is the opposite purpose to previous. I find that the gold or apricot undertones create a natural, beautiful bronzed look for during the day as its visabilty is increased in daylight. The formulation is slightly thinner to high-beam making it even more suited to this use as many people opt for a more natural look during this time. To apply, I place the necessary amount of product onto my hand and apply as previous. I would recommend using Benifits' 'gleaming face power' bronzer underneath as the colours compliment each other well!

Unlike high-beam, this product has been known to create flawless looks on all skin colours helping in to stand tall in a competitive market.Whilst the squeezy tube is cute, it isn't as easy to apply as Benifits' High-beam because like with any 'squeezy' cosmetics, it's hard to judge how much you're going to need meaning sometimes a lot of the product can be wasted. Despite this I feel that this product is excellent value for money. £24.50 for 12ml at John Lewis. 
Please let me know about any other highlighters you recommend :)

Becca xx