Fragrance of the Week: Marc Jacobs DOT


As I'm a regular visitor the perfume counter at work I thought i'd share some of my 'expert' knowledge about the new Marc Jacobs fragrance DOT- my favourite fragrance this week. 

It's true that the bottle is absolutely adorable. I see hundreds of people a day being captivated towards the perfume counter to simply caress the bottle like a newborn child never mind to test it. The bottle is made up of a glass, deep red sphere with a coat of jet black dots. The asymmetric wings on the lid create a prelusive high-spirited, cheeky scent whilst the added gold features add a touch of style. I couldn't imagine this product to be any less enchanting anyway as it is a sister to Daisy and Lola! 

Marc Jacobs tells us that the fragrance combines berries; coconut water, jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla among other notes to create what is described as a charming scent. In simpler terms, I think that the fruit essence is more prominent within the first hour of wear however, after time, the base notes of orange blossom and jasmine are uncovered giving a floral sensation which is what I love about this perfume! I find the staying power to be great also as I can still smell the fragrance up to six hours after use.  

If you're a fan of stronger floral scents like me, I don't think you can go wrong with this, however, those who prefer fresher scents may find this a little to sweet and sickly. 

The perfume is available in 30ml (36.50), 50ml (46.50) and 100ml (62.50) from the Perfume Shop. 

Let me know what you think, Bec xx