Getting the perfect eyebrows

Eyebrows are indefinitely the focal point of the face. They determine the shape and structure of the face as well as creating a frame for our eyes making it crucial to get them right! 

If you are thinking of shaping your eyebrows for the first time, put down the tweezers as there is so much you need to consider. Firstly the shape of your face, as this corresponds to what style of brow is best for you. According to Damone Roberts 'The eyebrow king' a rounder face should have a higher arch to add length to the facial structure. A square shaped face should have rounder brows to soften facial features. An oval face can carry an eyebrow that is not too defined and not too round but right in between. Lastly a heart shaped face should have a straighter brow to lessen the length of the face.  

It's also important to be thoughtful about the interior shape of the eyebrows as over-plucking can make the face and nose appear wider and the eyes much smaller therefore less distinctive. Under plucking can also be an issue as stray hairs or a 'mono-brow' is never a good look!   

Remember that symmetry isn't too important. I believe that eyebrows should be sisters instead of twins. Each hair follicle grows in a different way so in most cases it can be impossible to create a set of identical brows so don't panic.  

I always start this process by washing my face with the Liz Earle 'cleanse and polish' face wash to remove any make-up making it clearer to see where the work needs to be done. I find that this step also makes the process of hair removal less painful as warm water opens pores. Next, I would ensure that I was sat in a room with plenty of natural light and had all the tools I need to finish the job, these being:
  • Mirror
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Tweezers (I find Tweezerman the best)
  • Wax Strips (If necessary)
  • Scissors (For wax strips)
  • Wipes

I find that using a flip-side magnifying mirror increases accuracy especially for those with lighter hair!

To begin I brush my eyebrows in an upwards direction to reveal the hairs that are going to be removed. To configure where each of my eyebrows should start i'd hold an eyebrow pencil vertically alongside my nose and lightly mark this area with the pencil and repeat on the other side. Next, I would line up the straight edge of the pencil from the outermost edge of my nose to the outermost edge of my iris (coloured ring). This point illustrates the peak of the arch and should also be marked with pencil and repeated on the other eye. Finally I would angle the pencil further so it is touching the edge of my nose and outer corner of my eye then mark and repeat. My advice would be to join the shaded areas of the brow creating a stencil of your desired shape to make hair removal easier. 

During the plucking or waxing stage find it important to constantly ensure that both brows are even in both length and thickness as some eyebrow hairs don't grow back! However, makes the process much faster the second time as only regrowth has to be removed as the shape has already been designed. After plucking it's always important to apply a deep moisturiser or vaseline to this area to prevent damage to the skin.

To add more depth and intensity to my eyebrows I often use a dark brown eyebrow pencil (Rimmel London) by applying wispy strokes to the barer patches and then blend with an eyebrow brush. I also love Benefits' speed brow gel to tint, tame and set my brows into my preferred shape. £12.00 John Lewis 
    speed brow  

Let me know if this helped you! 

P.s thankyou for being my model Ellie P! xx