Fragrance of the Week by NEXT*

I know this is late but you'll forgive me because it's amazing. 

About three weeks ago NEXT introduced a brand new collection of fragrances named London, Paris, New York and Milan which made me all excitable. These are available to purchase as an Eau de Parfum 50ml 100ml ,  a Candle , a Reed Diffuser  and a luxury Body Creme. 

Everyone has different scent preferences but my favourite is London. Next describes this scent as a fresh floral composition with citrus burst. With top notes of lychee citrus, heart notes of peony rose and base notes of musk and cedarwood that will evolve a sense of individuality and creativity. I would describe this scent as beautiful. If any of you have smelt the noble Chloe scent this one is unbelievably similar and only a fraction of the price at £12 for 100ml or £18 for a 200ml diffuser! 

On my skin this fragrance lasts around 4 hours which is good considering the price because you really do get what you pay for with perfumes. The bottles are made up of a good quality, simple, modern glass finish which can be closely compared to the style of Jo Malone. 

If you happen to be walking past NEXT one day definitely try these and let me know what you think! If you're not from the UK I know that NEXT delivers to 59 countries however the fragrance cannot be returned if you are not 100% satisfied with it.  

Love Bec x