Hand treats!!

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been either ill (alcohol related) or working so to cheer myself up I bought a few things that I thought i'd share with you all!

I've been trying to grow my nails, so there's no better way to encourage myself to do this than to buy some nail treats! 

Starting with the polishes (from left to right)- I picked up the first from Superdrug just because me and my friend thought that it was a really unusual colour, it's made by Barry M and is called Blue Moon. I have no other way to describe the colour than blue tac with a slightly darker iridescent shimmer to it. The application is the same as other Barry M varnishes, I found that 3 coats gave me even coverage. In comparison to other varnishes now on the market, the drying time is poor but well worth the £2.99 from Superdrug. BUY HERE    

My next varnish is called 'Razzmatazz' by Topshop. I am in love with this varnish!

It's a mixure of silvery, lilac, holographic glitter with larger hexagonal sequins that give you disco ball nails! The only downside is that you need around 4/5 coats of this to get the complete glitter effect to avoid the dreaded transparent look. This varnish can also be used with any of your other favourite varnishes to create a sparkly topcoat. It's a shame that my nails or the pictures do this varnish justice but this is available from Topshop at £6.00. BUY HERE

The final varnish I bought was 'Sea Mist' by Topshop.

This is a beautiful metallic silvery blue/green that looks amazing in natural light. This picture was taken after just one coat showing that the application is incredible! This varnish is also available from topshop for £6.00. BUY HERE

To take my nail varnish off I always use 'Quickies' from Superdrug BUY HERE for £2.09. They feel as though they nourish my nails with added vitamin B5 as well as removing my nail varnish well and 'quickly'. These are really handy to pop in your bag if you're traveling anywhere! 

I also ran out of my Nivea soft moisturising cream this week. I have to be so careful with my skin because it's very sensitive so I tend to stick to the same things. I use this cream after washing my face at night, before applying make-up in the morning and on my hands too, to keep my skin feeling nourished and looking healthy. It also has a really fresh smell!

To make my hands look a teeeeny bit nicer I treated myself to the Pandora rings that I've been craving for a while! 

I love how every piece in Pandora is so build-able and unique. One of my friends bought me the ring with the black stone a while ago for my birthday so since then I've been waiting for the perfect rings to be designed compliment this one. 

I love how each of these rings are so understated, yet when they are combined they create an eye-catching unique effect. 

If you go to the Pandora website there is an application where you can design your own ring stack, however, the prices of each vary according to the material and stone. BUY HERE

I'd love to hear all of your opinions on my purchases!

Love Bec x