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I’ve never been a fan of naked nails – from a very young age I have experimented with different nail varnishes and salon applications to the point where I feel my hands look slightly odd without! 

Just recently I was in Boots when I came across a brand called Sensationail promoting a range of gel based manicure kits. I have always been quite skeptical about such products and their ability to perform to the same standard as the salon equivalent. I had always imagined it to be a tedious, complicated, expensive task that I would most likely make a mess of however the text on pack lured me in...

“Do you love the look of polish, but find it chips within a day or two“? YES!
“Have you ever gotten a manicure and then reached for your keys and ruined it?“ YES!

With the promise of offering me sensationally shiny, sensationally stunning and a sensationally sturdy two week manicure – the product was most definitely sold!

Initially, I was surprised about the amount of items included in the package. Besides a PRO 3060 LED lamp you get a gel cleanser; gel primer, colour gel polish (sugar plum), colour gel polish (taupe tulips), gel base and top coat, one pack of lint free wipes, one double sided nail buffer and one manicure stick. 

I am not a nail expert but when reading the step by step guide to application I found the instructions very easy to follow. 

1. File and lightly buff the natural nail.
2. Using the lint free wipe, clean nails with gel cleanser.
3. Apply one layer of gel primer to nail and air dry.

1. Apply a thin layer of the gel base and top coat. Avoid skin and cuticle.
2. Cap the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip. Cure for 30 seconds. 
3. Apply a thin layer of the colour gel polish. Avoid skin and cuticle. Cap nail. Cure for 60 seconds. Apply a second layer of colour gel polish. Cure for 60 seconds. 

1. Apply a thin layer of the gel base and top coat. Avoid skin and cuticle. Cap nail and cure for 30 seconds.
2. Finish by removing the moisture layer using the gel cleanser and lint free wipes.

Waiting for my nails to dry is potentially my least favourite past time therefore the greatest selling point  about this product for me is that it dries instantly so I no longer have to worry about smudging or getting fluff stuck to my nails within the first half hour of painting them! 

I found the brushes were perfectly shaped to neatly work around the shape of my natural nail bed. As you can see from the photographs – I still need to work on the accuracy of this but I did well for my first try! 

Overall, I am so impressed with the results of this product. I finally have the answer to long lasting glossy nails that are super quick and simple to do and even simpler to remove...

Removal: Soak – off method:

1. Using the grey side of the buffer, buff and file the surface of the entire nail to break the top coat seal.
2. Soak the nails in acetone for 15 minutes. For faster removal place the acetone in a small glass bowl and set it inside a larger glass bowl that is filled with hot water.
3. Use the manicure stick to gently push the remaining gel polish off the nails. 

The gel deluxe starter kit retails at £69.99 which is a fantastic price for 20 complete manicures each lasting for up to 2 weeks. 

As well as offering kits – Sensationail also offer just over 60 nail colours to help you build your collection each priced at £12.50 plus a variety of nail essentials and treatments. 

Next I will be testing another colour included in my kit called Taupe Tulips – a grey/ beige pastel colour that is perfect to take me through to spring! 

If you have used Sensationail products I’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section below!

Take care,

Bec x 

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